We are here to help you create memories of a lifetime. Whether you’re seeking a laid-back, culinary journey through the Italian Riviera, an adventurous trip through Costa Rica, a family ski trip or a weekend getaway to Southern California, trust us to curate your next trip.

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Our Mission

We create luxury travel experiences beyond the borders of your imagination. Through our unique process, we explore everything from your deepest passions to your most simple requests. Then we’ll tailor an itinerary that will have you counting down the days.

Meet our Founder

Christy Waller is the founder of CW Luxury Travel, a full-service boutique travel agency. Christy’s love for travel and entrepreneurial spirit prompted her to start this venture three years ago and partnered with Cornelia Crawford, who has more than 30 years’ experience in the travel industry. CW Luxury is experienced in both luxury leisure travel and select corporate travel. As a Virtuoso Travel Specialist, CW Luxury has resources and contacts all over the world. The mission of CW Luxury is to create experiences for its clients that will build curated memories lasting a lifetime.

Christy has several favorite destinations including South Africa and many countries in Europe. She is looking forward to the Galapagos and Iceland this summer. 

Christy serves on many boards in the Nashville area and is the Travel Editor for “Sophisticated Living Nashville” magazine, which is published bi-monthly. Christy's biggest role is being a mom to three kids, who are learning to love travel too.